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Report: Passengers will spend 984C in additional fares on Eid trips

  • A sub-committee has been monitoring extra fares collection
  • Vigilance team to take action upon receiving complaint
Update : 07 Apr 2024, 10:50 PM

About 16 million people from Dhaka and surrounding areas are going to their villages to celebrate Eid with their families.

These passengers will collectively have to pay an additional fare of Tk983.94 crore just to leave Dhaka for their Eid journey. This revelation comes from the observation of the Passenger Welfare Association of Bangladesh (PWAB), as disclosed in a press release on Sunday.

According to the association, a sub-committee has been monitoring the collection of extra fares in public transport, assessing the overall Eid travel situation, fare collection, and passenger services from Dhaka via road, rail, sea, and air routes from April 3 to April 6.

The observations have revealed instances of certain bus owners and drivers engaging in the malpractice of charging extra fares during Eid. Despite vigilance team members stationed at various road and sea terminals, there seems to be a lack of initiative to address or rectify these issues.

When questioned, vigilance team members said that they would take action if any passenger lodged a complaint.

As per PWAB's observations, the majority of passengers will be travelling by sea this Eid. About 6 million people will travel by launch during Eid. An average of Tk50 to Tk800 per passenger is being charged extra fare depending on the category. If the additional fare is collected at the rate of Tk200 per passenger on average, Tk120 crore additional fare will be collected from these passengers before Eid, it said.

The CNG-run auto-rickshaws plying in the capital are also charging extra fares ahead of Eid. Every passenger has to pay an extra fare of Tk200 per trip on average while using these autos for daily activities.

About 7 million trip passengers in 25,000 CNG-run autorickshaws plying in the capital before Eid will have to pay an additional fare of more than Tk140 crore.

Around 3 million passengers on the long-distance route from Dhaka have to pay extra fare at an average rate of Tk300 per passenger. Accordingly, bus passengers will have to pay an additional fare of Tk90 crore.

Besides, extra fares are charged on air routes before Eid. In some cases, three times the additional fare is being charged. According to PWAB, passengers will have to pay an additional fare of Tk35 crore if they pay an average of Tk3,500 extra per passenger on domestic routes before Eid.

According to the statement, 140 million passengers will travel through different Ghats including Sadarghat, and Narayanganj River port this Eid. At the rate of Tk 10 per head, an additional Tk140 crore will be looted by the people of Ghat leaseholders with the connivance of the corrupt officials of BIWTA.

This is the scenario of Dhaka and its surrounding areas. If the whole country is calculated, this amount may increase three to four times.

“Due to such rent anarchy, low-income people are suffering and prices of the commodity, extortion, social unrest, irregularities-corruption and road accidents are increasing.”

In such a situation, introducing a smart fare collection system in public transport is crucial to overcome it, PWAB said, adding that it is important to ensure good governance of the law.

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