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Dhaka Tribune

DB chief: Attempts are being made to thwart fair elections

  • Police taking actions against accused
  • ‘No idea on BNP taking permission to organize a human chain’
Update : 07 Dec 2023, 06:22 PM

Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Detective Branch (DB) chief Additional Commissioner Harun-or-Rashid said that a vested quarter is attempting to thwart free, fair, and participatory elections scheduled to take place in January.

He said those obstructing the electoral process are the ones who have multiple cases, including involvement in police killings, against them.

The DB chief was speaking with the media on Thursday afternoon at his office in Dhaka’s Minto Road.

Harun said that those who wish to sabotage the election have attacked the police, set cars on fire in several locations, obstructed traffic, vandalized automobiles at Rajarbag Hospital, and attacked the chief justice's home. They are now promoting the blockade once more.

“Many of the accused have been taken into custody, and we have been given their names and phone numbers. Anywhere they are, they're going to get arrested,” he added.

He also said that law enforcement officials can arrest the accused in these cases if they like to do a procession without obtaining approval from higher authorities.

When asked whether the BNP has permission from the Election Commission to organize a human chain on Sunday, the DB chief said: "I cannot say whether the permission has been taken. However, I think, as they are not joining elections, why should the Election Commission care. If they chose [to participate], they would have taken permission.”

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