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Holey Artisan Bakery: From tragedy to residence, remembrance restricted

A temporary stage was erected next to the building, where both locals and foreigners paid their respects

Update : 01 Jul 2023, 07:50 PM

Nobody is there to hang out at Holey Artisan Bakery in Gulshan anymore since its closure following the tragic attack in 2016. The two-storey building is now being used as a residential building.

Every year on July 1, many people gather to pay their respect in remembrance of the tragic incident. 

However, this year, access to the front of the building was restricted due to objections from the current residents. 

In response, a temporary stage was erected next to the building, where both locals and foreigners paid their respects, the security staff overseeing the premises shared these details.

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House Caretaker Nazmul said the entire two-storey building is being used as a residential building. The building owner's daughter and her family now live here. 

She has been living in this house with her husband and children for the past 4 years.

Following the incident on July 1, 2016, the building remained in an unused condition for nearly three years.

Diplomats from India, Japan, Italy, and the United States gathered on Saturday to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the Holey Artisan attack and pay tribute to the victims. 

In previous years, diplomats had the opportunity to enter the house, but this year access was restricted. 

Nonetheless, they respectfully left the area after offering their floral tributes. Despite rain pouring down all morning, the diplomats and attendees stood in solemn silence, holding umbrellas and flowers in their hands, as they paid their respects to the memory of the victims.

Bangla Tribune

Diplomatic Security Department Additional Deputy Commissioner Elin Chowdhury said: “Ambassadors and representatives from numerous countries gathered to pay tribute in remembrance of the July 1 incident. As part of my duty, I was present there to ensure their protection.”

A police officer stationed at the building said that the premises have now been repurposed into a residential building for the family members of the building owner. 

Adjacent to it, on the opposite side, stands the Lakeview Clinic, both properties being owned by the same individual. The building owner passed away several years ago.

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