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Timeline: Recent fires in Korail slum

At least three fire incidents reported in February alone

Update : 27 Feb 2023, 08:07 AM

Fires are a regular occurrence at the Korail slum in Dhaka, and many of the slum's residents are no strangers to losing and rebuilding their homes. 

Even in the month of February, there are reports of at least three fire incidents, including Sunday's one, in the slum area.

In addition to numerous smaller fires, there have been several major fire disasters at the slum in recent years.

Following is a list of some of the fires in Korail:

March 2018: Over 500 shanties razed in a fire that broke out early in the morning. A total of 18 firefighting units were needed to bring the blaze under control.

March 2017: Hundreds of houses razed in another fire. The fire began at 2am and quickly spread. Firefighters needed around five hours to douse the flames.

December 2016: Over 500 houses destroyed in a fire that ravaged the slum. The fire is believed to have been caused by either a gas stove or a short circuit. The damage was exacerbated as Firefighters struggled to find a water source to douse the flames, eventually resorting to using water from the lake.

March 2016: Several shanties burned down after a fire broke out in the evening. Nine firefighting units needed about an hour to put out the flames.

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