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Sheraspace redefining interior design in Dhaka

The firm’s aim has been to make availing high-quality interior design services for the city dwellers

Update : 28 Oct 2020, 10:37 PM

Sheraspace, a prop-tech interior design firm, seeks to promote interjecting intricacies of Bangladeshi culture and heritage into modern interior design styles while providing high-quality interior design services for the residents of Dhaka.

The firm came into being to reformulate the service of interior designing upon realising the gravity of humanising one’s dwelling.

Since its inception, the firm’s aim has been to make availing high-quality interior design services for the city dwellers a hassle-free essential rather than an unattainable luxury.

Faced with countless obstacles while getting her own family home designed, Sarjeena Maodud joined hands with Nizam Farid Ahmed to unravel the concept of a prop-tech interior design firm.

Sheraspace, a pool for all things interior, is not limited to just designing and delivering projects. From weekly digital design inspiration in the form of tips and advice on Facebook to quizzes, mood boards and live interactive Q&A sessions with their followers, Sheraspace works on a wide variety of content.

They feature weekly blogs on their site, in both English and Bangla, to raise awareness about home and interiors amongst the audience.

“The goal isn’t just promoting the service, but advocating interior designing as a lifestyle in itself,” said Sarjeena Maodud, co-founder and CEO of Sheraspace.

In the face of adversity

Sarjeena Maodud and Nizam Farid Ahmed, co-founder and COO, agreed that having to shift to remote work for a period of over five months during this coronavirus pandemic made on-site operations unimaginable.

But nothing can make determined minds bow to anything. Thus, they launched the ‘Online Interior Design Consultation’ service - the first of its kind in Bangladesh - where individuals interested in home improvement are able to receive expert interior guidance and plans from the comfort of their home, without getting involved in a long-term project.

Behind the scenes

A peek behind the curtains at Sheraspace will broaden the frame for someone who is foreign to the way a young team of 30 unite their efforts. Ranging from the sales team to marketing, tech, operations and creative and design - every member in each department is assigned tasks catered to their unique set of skills.

As adaptation to technology and automation is pivotal to keep afloat in today’s fast-paced world, Sheraspace has embraced tech as dispensable for an interior design firm.

Its team of astute software engineers work to modify the technological inner workings in an attempt to create a technology-driven service.

According to the co-founders, the company is working to introduce Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences for its clients. Every sales executive is coached in the broad field of interior designing to make her/him best equipped for capturing a client’s unique requirements and accordingly pairing them up with a designer best matched to the consumer’s taste and specifications.

While aiming to revolutionise an industry, the key may be in honing behind and beyond the curtain.

How important is redefining interior design in Dhaka?

Sheraspace believes that in redefining the local interior design scene, the key lies in promoting transparency, quality and reliability.

Attaining a service that is meant to enhance the standard of living is something that a consumer should not need to be apprehensive of. It follows then, reformulating the service of interior designing is imperative and Sheraspace aims to do just that.

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