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State Minister: Education officers going to gather experience, not to cook khichuri

This type of tour is needed to gather experience and knowledge, Zakir said

Update : 16 Sep 2020, 02:47 PM

State Minister for Primary and Mass Education Md Zakir Hossen has said the education officers are not going on an India tour to cook khichuri, rather to get experience on midday meals.

“This was a proposal from us, as we have 509 upazila parishads in the country. Now the Planning Commission will scan the proposition and then the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) will give a final nod,” said on Wednesday.

The state minister said this while speaking with reporters at his secretariat office.

Responding to a question Zakir said: “The proposal actually was not about learning to cook khichuri but to gather experience about midday meal management from Kerala, India.”

“Midday meals for school children is a popular program in Kerala, where the Indian government and the local society together contribute to the program, so a plan was made to learn about their management system,” Zakir said.

This type of tour is needed to gather experience and knowledge, he added.

According to him, some journalists who support BNP-Jamaat and are anti government, are spreading false news to defame the government’s image .

Responding to a question, the Primary and Mass Education Senior Secretary Md Akram-Al-Hossain said: “It was proposed so that each upazila level officer can achieve knowledge about midday meal management.”

“Currently, the Planning Commission is deciding to allow two teams of 20 to 30 education officers in each team to visit India. Once the commission gives the nod for the tour, Ecnec will finalize it,” he said.

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