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Govt premises a breeding ground of Aedes

Aedes larvae were found in Bidyut Bhaban, and Bangladesh Shishu Academy in the capital

Update : 25 Aug 2019, 07:59 PM

After the massive drive by two city corporations, where households were penalized for Aedes mosquito breeding, many government premises have been found to breed Aedes mosquito, yet no action has been taken against them.

Metro rail construction yards, has now become a hub for Aedes breeding ground.

During a recent visit, Dhaka Tribune team has found Aedes larvae in metro rail construction yards, near Doyel Chattar, and Bijoy Sarani.

Also, Aedes larvae were found in Bidyut Bhaban, and Bangladesh Shishu Academy in the capital.

Many of the plastic tubs placed on the foot over bridges by the city corporations, under different beautification projects, also serve as a safe breeding place for Aedes mosquito.

When the executive magistrates in both city corporations of Dhaka continued to destroy dengue breeding places, and fined city dwellers, no moves were taken against the government offices.

At least two staff, including a driver and a caretaker, of Bidyut Bhaban has suffered from dengue, confirmed officials.

Md Salim Ullah Khan, deputy director of Power Cell, Power Division in Bidyut Bhaban told Dhaka Tribune: “The maintenance works of the Bidyut Bhaban are managed by Power Development Board (PDB). The PDB authority can tell you better.’’

Anjir Liton, director of Bangladesh Shishu Academy claimed on Thursday that the entire premises had been cleaned on Tuesday. 

He said to the team of Dhaka Tribune: “You have to come now and see the place. We have cleaned all the places where Aedes mosquitoes might breed. City corporation also sprayed medicines using a fogging machine.”

A worker of metro rail construction yard at Doyel Chattar portion, Abdur Rahman said on Thursday: “Metro rail construction places are not ideal for Aedes mosquito to breed. He also said ’’ There is no chance of having stagnant water as work is going on all the time.’’  

In addition to the routine monsoon survey at households in July 2019, Communicable Disease Control (CDC) – the disease control division of DGHS conducted an additional survey in public places (bus terminals, railway station, slum areas, metro rail projects, police line, hospitals, etc. A total of 4 entomology teams surveyed 14 areas from 31 Jul to 04 Aug 2019.

The government’s disease control branch found Aedes mosquito larvae lurking in two government hospitals, metro rail project areas, five bus terminals and depots. 

More than 80 per cent of the pots contained Aedes larvae in Mugda Medical College Hospital, Kamalapur BRTC Bus Depot, Kamalapur Railway Colony, Mohakhali Bus Terminal, and the Shahjahanpur slum. The situation is considered risky if larvae are found in more than 20 per cent in any one area.

Officials of the two city corporations said they had sent letters to the government offices. City Corporations requested the government institutions to ensure such an environment where Aedes mosquito larvae cannot be hatched. However, the letter does not mention any deadline to ensure such an environment.

Drives in the city corporation areas imposed at least Tk80 lakhs as penalty on city dwellers. 

According to a count of Nagar Bhaban of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) signed by Executive Magistrate of DNCC, Sajid Anwar, a total sum of Tk46.26 lakhs had been fined in areas under DNCC.

Mosquito larvae had been found in 120 places after inspecting 1406 houses, and institutions. The drive started from July 24 till August 20. 139 cases have been filed so far during this time.

However, while inaugurating an awareness-raising program at Dhaka Medical College Hospital on Tuesday, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Sayeed Khokon claimed that DSCC recovered, and destroyed Aedes larvae in over a thousand of houses. 

The authorities had fined a total sum of  around Tk30 lakhs. He also claimed DSCC has inspected 58,748 houses from early July. One person has even been sentenced to seven days imprisonment.

Sajid Anwar, executive magistrate of DNCC said on Sunday: “Government offices have been issued formal letters to be aware of Aedes mosquito breeding places. Our inspection teams are looking into it. If larvae are found we will go for action."

The time frame mentioned is 'as soon as possible,' in the letters issued to the government offices, Sajid said.

"We will wait three or four more days, and start our drive," he informed. 

Between January 1 and August 25, a total of 63,514 people were hospitalized for dengue, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). Media reports for the death toll at over 111 till August 25, but the government claimed 47 till August 24.


Tk46.26 lakhs
Tk30 lakhs (approx.)
1406 houses and institutions
58,748 houses
1406 houses and institutions
58,748 houses
Larvae found in places
Over 1000 houses
Imprisonment 3
Drive starts from
July 24
Early July
Count till
August 20
August 20

*source: According to a count of Nagar Bhaban of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) signed by Executive magistrate of DNCC, Sajid Anwar and DSCC mayor Sayeed Khokon's speech on Tuesday at DMCH

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