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Diabetes management service launched in Bangladesh

The service was jointly launched by Telenor Health and the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh

Update : 25 Sep 2018, 03:17 PM

Telenor Health and the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS) have launched the first- ever diabetes management service, Dia360, to help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels and reduce risks of complications. 

State Minister for ICT Division Zunaid Ahmed Palak launched the program at the Bangladesh University of Health Sciences, on Tuesday, by making the first phone call to its helpline. 

Palak said the government’s effort to develop human resources of the country has made it possible for 14,000 doctors to work on behalf of the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh, all over the country.

“I am glad to see that all these digitally adept doctors will now provide 24/7 service to patients via Dia360,” he said.

Diabetic Association President Prof AK Azad Khan said they are happy to provide their services to a larger number of people with the help of digital technology.

“We have designed Dia360 to work side by side with medications and doctor consultations to help improve patients’ health and lives,” he said. 

Patients can avail this service, which will start on October 14, by purchasing a scratch card. 

People can enroll in three BADAS centers in Dhaka—Bangladesh Institute of health and Sciences, BIRDEM General Hospital, and the National Health Network Hospital.

For further information one can dial 10614 to reach the helpline.

Regarding the intended impact of the program, Telenor CEO (Health) Sajid Rahman said: “No one should have to lose a limb or go blind due to uncontrolled diabetes, particularly if it can be prevented by simple lifestyle changes.”

In Bangladesh, one in three people over the age of 35 are diabetic or pre-diabetic, only 12% of them have their condition under control.

The rest – nearly nine out of every ten diabetic patients – have abnormal blood sugar levels that expose them to potentially life-threatening complications such as: stroke, kidney failure, and blindness.

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