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Home minister: Patience has its limit

The minister also requested the parents of the demonstrating students to take their children back home

Update : 05 Aug 2018, 03:56 PM

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has stated that the government will take firm action if the students continue to create problems for the public with their continuous protests.

The minister said: “We have shown patience and so did the security forces. Even we have a limit. We will take action if that limit is exceeded.”

He made the statements while inaugurating Traffic Week at zero point, organized by Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), in Gulistan, Dhaka on Sunday.

He said: “Some people are spreading propaganda in the name of the movement on social media. If the students continue to make the public suffer, the government will not remain silent.”

The minister said:“The student protests are being misdirected. You will see a lot of the protesters wearing ID cards, but they are adults, not students,"

A vested quarter is trying to divert the protests to other sectors, the minister said.

"Some of the protesters are insulting leaders," the home minister said. "This shows a vicious mindset." 

He advised the students to avoid such things, or the government will take action. 

He also mentioned about a political leader who has been trying to incentivize the movement by calling in people from Comilla to come to Dhaka to fulfill his own political agenda. 

The minister also requested the parents of the demonstrating students to take their children back home.

Kamal said among the nine-point demands presented by the protesters, the government has executed seven of them, while two are currently under process. 

“If everyone maintains traffic laws, the number of road accidents will come down significantly,” he said requesting everyone to comply with traffic laws and use foot over-bridges and footpaths for pedestrians.

He said, unfit vehicles and drivers without driving licenses will not be allowed on the roads of the country.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia echoed similar sentiments at the program, and instructed the traffic police to implement traffic laws more strictly. 

He also told the traffic police to maintain polite behavior while conducting their duties. 

"Disobeying traffic laws has become a norm in our country," said Inspector General of Police Javed Patwary. "We see the same people follow traffic laws properly while abroad, so why can they not do it here?"

He requested the people in the country to follow the necessary traffic laws. 

Traffic week begins throughout the country from Sunday.

Police officials said, action will be taken against any kind of traffic law violations throughout the week.

In Dhaka, our correspondents from different spots reported that police officials are checking the documents of vehicles since today morning.

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