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More human bones from Rana Plaza ruins

Update : 28 Dec 2013, 08:01 PM

Seven and a half months after the closure of the official rescue operation at Rana Plaza collapse site, human bones are still coming out, thanks to the curiosity of a few local residents who dared crossing the barbed enclosure.  

Yesterday, more than 100 pieces of human bones were recovered and handed over to the police by the local people, following four such consignments earlier this month. 

“Bones are coming out almost with every scrap on the surface of debris. Skulls are coming out, jaws and little finger pieces. To me, it is nothing else but a ‘baddhabhumi’ [killing ground] or ‘ganakabar’ [mass grave],” Jiarul Islam, a worker of Phantom Apparels who survived the collapse, told the UNB at the site. 

The Inter Services Public Relations Directorate in a statement on September 1 claimed that 261 people, who were inside Rana Plaza during the collapse, remained untraced till then.  

The Army identified those 261 out of 329 people who were reportedly missing after the collapse. The army declared the end of the search on May 13 after recovering 1,115 bodies. 234 dead bodies retrieved from the site were buried at the Jurain Graveyard.

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