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Grabbers eat up govt land worth Tk300 crore

Update : 24 May 2015, 08:12 PM

About Tk300 crore worth government lands have been encroached, grabbed on the two banks of Kumar River at Tekerhaat port in Gopalganj. The river is losing its flow as local influentials are erecting new structures on encroached lands every day.

Tekerhaat port, located at the borders of Muksudpur upazila of Gopalganj and Rajoir upazila of Madaripur and an important land-river port, has become a popular industrial area. New factories and businesses are being established one after another. The value of the nearby lands have also increased many folds.

However, due to lack of administration’s oversight large tracts of the Kumar river banks are being encroached in Muksudpur upazila’s Tekerhaat Uttorpar, Bhushimalhata, Horirchar, Jolirpar, Baniyarchar areas; and Rajoir upazila’s Tekerhaat Dokhinpar and eastern areas.

The local influentials are filling up the riverbanks in broad daylight, and the administration is doing nothing about it. An eviction drive was carried out at the port area after 1/11 but the land grabbers re-possessed those lands afterwards.

After the government recently dredged the Kumar River for easier passage of river vessels, when river islands appeared near the banks of Kumar River and its branch Jolkha River a certain group of influentials grabbed those islands and filled them up to erect various business and home establishments. The government lost at least Tk300 crore worth of land this way.

Uttam Kumar Shaha, an experienced businessman at the port, said the Kumar River needs to be saved as the regions economic development depends on it. “If the port remains as active as now, Tekerhaat will develop a lot as the riverways are safer for transporting goods, even during hartals and blockades,” he said.

The residents of the area said if such encroachment of the river bank continues then the river will turn into a narrow canal one day. They demanded immediate eviction of the land grabbers to save the river.

Muksudpur upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Md Khairuzzaman said: “Several government offices have lands in this port area. The encroachers have been identified and cases have been filed against some of them. We have told them to remove the illegal structures and an eveiction drive will be launched soon to recover the government lands.” 

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