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Writ seeks corrections to mistakes in English grammar book

The book includes multiple errors in its noun and pronoun sections

Update : 25 Jun 2019, 03:04 PM

A writ has been filed in the High Court to seek directions to stop the sale and distribution of faulty English grammar books. 

Supreme Court lawyer Advocate MD Tanvir Ahmed filed the writ asking for corrections to the English second paper, a compulsory grammar textbook used across the country. 

He said: “There are a lot of basic mistakes in the book in the noun and pronoun sections.”

“There is no explanation of how to use ‘ed,’ or ‘ing’ in a sentence. Also, there is hardly any direction about when to use ‘do,’ ‘did,’ and ‘done’ – one such example, among many,” he added.

Seven people were made respondents to this writ, including the Secretary of the Ministry of Education, President of the Bangla Academy, and related authority of the National University.

Last year, the government passed the National Curriculum and Textbook Board Bill (NCTB), 2018 law   that punishes anyone involved in misinformation.

Additionally, no institution may select textbooks without the NCTB’s permission, as a provision of this law.

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