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Perching method gains popularity

Update : 04 Apr 2015, 07:26 PM

Perching method for killing insects in crop fields is becoming popular among farmers in Shibpur upazila as they have already got satisfactory results by implementing it in Boro fields.

The method involves erecting tree branches and bamboo poles on crop fields to let birds perch on those. The birds eat pests, thus protecting crops and making the use of pesticides redundant.

Perching method has been used in 9,000 hectares of Boro land out of a total of 10,154 hectares in the upazila, according to local agriculture office sources.   

A team of sub-assistant agriculture officers led by Upazila Agriculture Officer Hanif Sikder are working to ensure that the method becomes a widely-used one in the upazila. They have arranged view-exchange meetings and training programmes to educate farmers about the method’s implementation steps. 

Farmers have implemented the method while sowing Boro seeds by placing seven to eight bamboo poles and tree branches in every one bigha of land.   

Nasir Uddin, a farmer of Saludia village, said applying the method has really been fruitful.

“Birds that perch on the poles in my rice field eat insects and thus protect the crop. What is most interesting is that I do not have to spend anything to implement the method.

“Now I do not use insecticides to kill pests and this has enabled me to slash production costs as well,” he said.

Another farmer of Dulalpur village, Harris Mia, said applying perching method in vegetable fields is equally advantageous. 

“As the use of insecticides can be entirely avoided if the method is implemented, we can now produce chemical-free vegetables. This also makes the method completely environment-friendly,” added Harris.

The upazila agriculture officer said the method is increasingly gaining ground among local farmers.

“They have been able to reduce production costs and their fields are safeguarded against harmful insects. A single bird can kill over two lakh insects in a rice field,” added Hanif. 

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