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Update : 23 Mar 2015, 06:36 PM

Why in this day and age should the fact that almost all women menstruate, still be such a big deal in our culture? Why all the hush-hush behaviour? It’s 2015 and shark week is just a normal part of the female reproductive system. Get over it.

Easier said than done, tons of women still feel their cheeks burning up into all shades of the colour red when it comes to having to go to their neighbourhood pharmacy to buy the sanitary products they need. Being greeted by a sly look from the creepy, shopkeeper guy who slips the goods into the embarrassing brown paper bag, is something most women prepare themselves for.

These men have sisters, mothers, wives and even daughters. Why is the thought of a woman trying to take care of her needs cause to raise an eyebrow? On the flip side, why can’t women still understand that it’s nothing to ever be embarrassed of?

As women, it’s far from easy for us. It’s not just that some of us don’t have the privilege to have hired help to run our errands and carry the “shame” on their shoulders for us. We also suffer from the various symptoms that are a part and package of the dreaded week. Cramps that range from mild to excruciatingly extreme, a belly that feels so distended that it may burst and did we mention the mental anguish? It’s tough. Tougher than any common man can imagine. All women go through PMS, but some, unfortunately have more severe symptoms as opposed to others.

With all the above going on, all we women want is to be able to carry on with our regular lives. Buying our monthly necessities shouldn’t add to the already unpleasant burden.

This is why “Meenu Apa,” an awesome new initiative can be the reason women can breathe a sigh of relief. This gem of a company has a great website where you can order your monthly supply of feminine goods to get delivered to your home. The real kicker? They send you a rare package that includes chocolate, tea bags and a punchy postcard. What more could a girl want?

There is a bit more to the story though. Even though this service only delivers in the tri-state area at this point, they have big plans to expand to all other areas of Dhaka. What’s even better is that the owners want to work with NGOs in the near future and deliver free sanitary napkins to rural women. A percentage of their sales will make that dream come true.

Here’s to hoping that “Meenu Apa” delivers on her promises and helps ladies have one less thing to worry about. Find Meenu Apa at www.meenuapa.com.

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