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A chance to learn arts journalism with Simon Broughton

Update : 11 Nov 2016, 12:05 AM
Journalists, music critic, aspiring film makers and writing enthusiasts keen to hone their skills on depicting their thoughts in either print or electronic media can attend the workshop titled ‘Journalism and Diversity’, conducted by Simon Broughton, a London based seasoned journalist and filmmaker who has taken arts and music journalism to a whole new level. Broughton is the editor-in-chief of Songlines, the world music magazine. Songlines sprang into life in 1999 as an occasional supplement to the stately Gramophone magazine, the leading classical-music publication. The venture was conceived in response to a growing interest in music from beyond the English-speaking world and outside the confines of Anglo-American musical norms. Although the majority of readers are in the UK, the magazine reaches a significant audience overseas, particularly in the United States where it has no competition and where publishers see major potential for growth. The Songlines website offers a slimmed-down version of what is on offer in the magazine, plus the opportunity to listen to free podcasts on iTunes and the rundown of the latest world-music chart. The workshop on arts journalism will take place on November 16, 2016 at 3pm, and will allow journalists involved in arts journalism the opportunity to learn from someone as experienced at Broughton. They will also be given tasks/assignments related to arts coverage at the Dhaka Lit Fest, and the day after DLF ends, the journalists will have the opportunity to take their work back and receive feedback. The workshop is being jointly organised by the Dhaka Lit Fest and the British Council, and is an incredible opportunity for cultural journalists - not just a one-off talk, but the chance to engage and share their work, and get very useful pointers on how to be the best in their field. Simon will co-host the workshop with Shuprova Tasneem, a Bangladeshi journalist who will help him to identify local opportunities and obstacles. About attending this year’s Dhaka Lit Fest, Simon said, "I’m really pleased to be coming to Dhaka for the Lit Fest and holding a workshop on Arts Journalism. Writing, art and music are all humanising forces and their power is often underestimated.” He said that writing about the arts is about spreading knowledge, understanding and appreciation. “It is also about communication and dialogue, both of which are essential to peace. Bangladesh is facing challenges with attacks on secular bloggers and other forms of extremism, yet the country has a rich literary tradition and cultural practices - like that of the Bauls - which includes music and oral literature about tolerance, spirituality and humanity. Things like this can be an inspiration all over the world.” Simon Broughton also acts as the co-editor of the Rough Guide to World Music (Penguin). He is the chief world music critic for the London Evening Standard, and he is particularly interested in areas where culture and politics meet. Having taken a degree in Russian, Simon joined the BBC for 15 years, working first in radio and then in television. Since going freelance in 1997 he’s continued making radio programmes and TV documentaries usually about music for the BBC, Channel 4 and others. Those include two films for All the Russias (2001), which looked at the history and culture of Russia through its music; Breaking the Silence: Music in Afghanistan(2002), on the return of music to Afghanistan after the Taliban; Sufi Soul: The Mystic Music of Islam (2005) filmed in Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, India and Morocco. Over the last two years, he has made five films on contemporary artists for the Bloomberg series Brilliant Ideas. Several of his radio and TV documentaries have won awards.To apply for the workshop, please email [email protected]. The workshop is for cultural and/or arts journalists only. Please include a brief bio and overview of your work, as well as your contact details. Deadline for applications is Monday, November 14, 2014.
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