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Tisha seeks for a good human being as her partner

Update : 26 Sep 2014, 06:33 PM

A single TV play “Golapbhromon” will be aired on NTV this Eid. Directed by Mahmud Didar, the TV play features Tisha, Intekhab Dinar, Raisul Islam Asad and Shompa Reza. The story opens with Rohel and Meghborti who just got married and went to their honeymoon. At flashback, audience gets to see how there marriage had taken place.  Meghborti's father did not give his consent to get married with his daughter as Rohel is a complete misfit for Meghborti.

But, in a cunning way, Rohel was able to convince everybody that he will keep Meghborti happy and as a wedding gift he will give her a garden of roses. Again coming back to the scene in their journey at present in search of the rose garden, an accident occurs where a tea garden worker falls in front of Rohel's car.

Rohel escapes but Meghborti takes responsibility of the woman and looks after her at the hospital. After the woman's recovery, Rohel arrives feeling guilty and says sorry to Meghborti; in reply Meghborti says that she wants a good human being as her partner. 

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