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Audience does not watch TV plays nowadays: Aupee Karim

Update : 18 Apr 2014, 08:44 PM

After a long break celebrated TV actor Aupee Karim again started working on the small screen last year to revive her  career. But, the “halfhearted” working style of the industry people left her frustrated and the actor has currently lost her interest to work.

“I am not happy with the recent situation of our media. I don’t think the audiences watch TV plays nowadays. If no one watches my work, for whom should I work?” said a frustrated Aupee Karim. Justifying her comment, she further said: “There are too many channels, too many advertisements and too many productions. On the other hand, the budget has become very low. The industry people are always in a hurry to complete a production in a haphazard manner. That made a negative impact on the audience and they don’t actually watch TV plays these days.”

She said: “I should not only blame the artists, directors and producers. The channels do not also provide them proper budget to produce quality plays. Both the parties have to work to improve the situation.” 

Aupee Karim is now a full time faculty of AIUB in the Department of Architecture. Currently, she is busy with her teaching profession and also working as a free lance landscape architect.

“Being a teacher was always my dream. Besides, I will also work on screen if I get good script and dedicated production unit.”

Aupee Karim also confirmed that she will work on some Eid special TV plays if she can manage her schedule. She said: “My father used to say, a person should always respect and nourish the quality she has been conferred by the almighty. So, I always have nourished my ability of acting and I will continue working on small screen.”

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