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Godzilla trailer wows online audience

Update : 26 Feb 2014, 06:44 PM

One of the more anticipated films of the coming summer, Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures, released the first trailer of Godzilla this morning and it has every possibility of being a great movie.

It comes after months of teasers and beautifully made posters, starting at last year’s Comic-Con convention in San Diego. It was there that they released what became the first teaser for the movie which mostly focused on the soldiers as they parachuted into the middle of San Francisco as Godzilla trampled its way through it.

The trailer follows around the same area they had ventured in before. This time though, there is much more of a focus on the rampant global destruction that the legendary lizard is unleashing. It opens with a skyward shot of a massive traffic jam somewhere, ending with the charred remains of a 747 in the middle of it all.

There are also shots of tidal waves and people running for their lives from mass destruction, as is to be expected from a big monster movie.

The shot that some will probably view with a lump in their throat, given its similarity to the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, comes from a skyline shot of what appears to be Tokyo being torn to bits as Bryan Cranston’s character Joe Brody watches on, frustrated at being told that what has been destroying large areas in America is a natural disaster.

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