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Dhaka Tribune

Rayer Bazar kitchen market lies in sorry state

Update : 11 Feb 2014, 06:55 PM

The Rayer Bazar kitchen market in the capital has been in sorry state for a long time, as traders have stood against the repair of the buildings.

The traders filed two separate cases, in 2004 and 2008, trying to stop the city corporation’s initiatives.

According to sources, the Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) declared the buildings unsafe about eight years ago.

Although the market was declared unsafe, thousands of shoppers and several hundreds of shopkeepers still attend the vulnerable market.

After inspecting the market’s old buildings, DCC officials, in April, 2006, posted a notice on the buildings, warning people that the building might collapse.

About a year ago, the Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC, formerly a part of DCC), took steps to demolish the abandoned buildings in the market.

Senior DNCC officials claimed that they had failed to demolish the buildings, because two cases had been filed by the traders.

Md Fosi Ullah, chief estate officer of DNCC, told the Dhaka Tribune; “The buildings in the kitchen market are extremely unsafe.”

“We took steps to demolish the vulnerable buildings,” he said.

“But, it was not possible to demolish the buildings due to a barrier erected by the traders,” he said.

“A trader from the market has also asserted that he is owner of a piece of land in the market, and he has filed a case against the city corporation,” he added.

The DNCC chief estate officer also said they had made a deal with a construction firm to reconstruct the buildings in the market, but that they could not take further steps due to the cases.

Most shoppers come to the kitchen market from Rayer Bazar, Hazaribagh, Jigatola and Zafrabad.

The market is popular among the middle and lower income groups in the area, as the prices of commodities are cheaper here than at other markets.

During a recent visit it was found that the DNCC has erected two notice boards to raise awareness of the situation.

The city corporation also told the traders not to use the abandoned buildings.

Fatima Begum, a resident of Zafrabad, said; “I worry about the market’s dilapidated condition.”

A trader operating his business in the vulnerable market, said, seeking anonymity, that chunks of plaster often fall down.

“We have requested the market committee to undertake an urgent repair, but they have not acted becasue of their personal interests,” he said.

Md Nazimuddin, president of the kitchen market’s traders’ association, and other leaders of the association, have not commented on the matter.

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