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The Punishment airs on SATV

Update : 12 Nov 2013, 06:48 PM

Single episode drama The Punishment airs on SATV today at 9pm. Written by Mezbah Uddin Sumon and directed by Shuvro Ahmed, the drama features Moushumy Hamid, Omar Ayaz Oni, Naim and many more.

Plot of the story revolves around an unhappy couple, Ratri and Jaman.

Jaman is a busy financier and a workaholic. He prefers running after money rather than spending time at home and misbehaves with his wife when he counts losses.

Fed-up with the redundant unhappiness in her life, one day, Ratri meets a friend from her university life, Shubhro.

Currently, he is a popular director and within a short time, Ratri and Shubhro gets involved in an extra-marital relationship.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Shubhro gets locked in Ratri’s bathroom on one of his many visits to her home. Ratri tries to open the jammed door but fails to succeed. When Jaman comes home, he goes to find a locksmith to open the door.

Gripped by fear, Ratri locks the front door and heads to her mother’s place. She calls Jaman and asks him to join her there.

In the meantime, Shubhro manages to get out but again gets trapped by the locked front door. At midnight, two thieves breaks into the house and ties up Shubhro to get on with their work uninterrupted. In the morning, when Ratri and Jaman comes back home, Jaman assumes Shubhro as a thief and hands him over to the police.  

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