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Risky roads, unsafe rides

Update : 06 Oct 2013, 03:44 AM

Dilapidated condition of major roads in the tourist town of Cox’s Bazar has made the lives of residents and tourists miserable.

Many cracks and potholes have developed on the major thoroughfares of the town. Vehicles often get stuck in the larger potholes on the roads.

The roads are also often gridlocked since vehicles are forced to proceed slowly due to the dilapidated condition of the roads.

Rainfall has contributed significantly to the problem, making roads already in poor condition worse.

Thousands of potholes have emerged on busy roads such as Bazar Ghata, Boro Bazar, Tekpara, Central Mosque and Goldighir Par.

Locals fear that the damaged roads may lead to major accidents and the loss of lives.

During a visit to the area, the Dhaka Tribune’s Cox’s Bazar correspondent found that most of the rickshaw pullers are reluctant to go to areas of the town which pass through the dilapidated roads as they prefer to avoid the bumpy ride.

College teacher Azit Dash was coming to the town’s Ghona Para from Boro Bazar by rickshaw. However, after crossing Goldighir Par, the rickshaw puller refused to continue as he didn’t want to ride over the many potholes.

Finding no other option, Azit got down from the rickshaw and went on foot to his destination.

Abul Kalam, a local of the area, said: “Various potholes and cracks developed along the route connecting Cox’s Bazar town to Samity Para, too.”

He also alleged that the negligence of the authorities concerned and their failure to fix the problem has been increasing the sufferings of people.

Mahbub Kamal, another resident of Tekpara, said no vehicles could travel on the roads due to their rickety condition.

CNG auto-rickshaw driver Amir Hossain said he found it hard to drive on the roads with uncountable potholes as it damages his vehicle.

The driver said: “I need to repair my vehicle every time I take the road. It costs more.”

Sarwer Kamal, mayor of Cox’s Bazar municipality, acknowledged the situation and said: “I will try my utmost to solve the problem as soon as possible.”  

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