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Metamorphosis of miracles!

Update : 29 Apr 2013, 08:32 AM

The stories of nearly 400 people who have been rescued alive from the Savar wreckage are all miracles in themselves.

Manwara Begum from the southern coastal district of Pirozpur was robbed of just such a miraculous reunion with her son.

She has been spending all her time, for four days, near the collapsed building, together with her daughter Hashi, waiting for any news of her 26-year old son Raju, who worked in one of the factories in Rana Plaza.

Every time there was an announcement of the name of a person who had been pulled alive from the rubble it seemed like a miracle.

When there was an announcement: “Md Raju’s relatives may come in front of the RS Tower,” Manwara and Hashi were thrilled since it was the name of Manwara’s son.  The mother and daughter reached the spot in seconds.

As they waited for the body to be pulled out, even the few minutes seemed like an eternity. Finally, at 12pm Raju was pulled out alive. He had been stuck under the debris for 99 hours.

Hearing the news that the body had been pulled out, Manwara collapses on the ground in front of the Police control room. The Police and Rab personnel on duty try to revive her by spraying water on her face.

“I will sacrifice an animal in return for sparing Raju’s life,” she keeps chanting hysterically.

In the meantime, some of their relatives arrived at the spot and together with Hashi, try to get a look at the face of the man who has just been rescued.

Suddenly the miracle metamorphoses into despair. This is not Manwara and Hashi’s Raju!

“That is not my brother!” Hashi finally announces, crying hysterically. 

This pronouncement by Hashi is devastating for Manwara

“May be my brother is no more. At least we want is his body,” Hashi says, crying profusely.



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