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Dhaka Tribune

Families protest against use of heavy machinery

Update : 29 Apr 2013, 08:26 AM

Families of the missing gathered and demonstrated in front of the wreckage at Savar with a plea to stop using heavy machinery to lift rubble.

The protesters say it may reduce the chances of finding survivors.

Families yet to find their loved ones from the debris of the collapsed Rana Plaza tried to persuade rescuers and the authorities present at the site to not use heavy machinery to lift concrete slabs as the rescuers have already started doing so.

Police stopped the family members who tried to enter the collapsed site.

A few people fainted on the spot but were soon provided with medical help by the police.

The protesters feared that if the rescue workers use heavy machinery, the fickle foundation of the already collapsed building will fall and there will be no hope left of getting out those who might still be stuck under the rubble.

The folks present at the site, waiting for days, only want to see their loved ones alive, and if they are dead, their bodies.

Earlier, shop owners of the collapsed Rana Plaza gathered and demonstrated, demanding compensation for their losses.



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