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Dhaka Tribune

ACC to use tech-tools to catch corrupt officials

Update : 13 Apr 2013, 11:46 AM

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) officials are looking to modern technology to build their cases against corrupt officials, as many accused persons are granted bail by the courts due to a lack of evidence against them.

To identify corrupt officials, ACC teams will track and wiretap mobile calls, and utilise walkie-talkies and hidden cameras.

According to the plan, ACC officials will initiate “trap assignments” in different government and private organisations. They will deal with suspected officials as clients and will use spy cam and voice recorders to record conversations potentially related to corrupt practices.

The Bangladesh Telecommunication and Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has already approved the ACC’s request to track mobile calls; permission to use spy cams, walkie-talkies and voice recorders is expected to be given soon.

An ACC official said many corrupt officials were granted bail by the courts, as authorities did not have credible evidence against them. “If we could utilise the trap method supplemented by the use of modern equipment, we will be able to ensure punishment for corrupt officials,” the official added.

An ACC team is likely to travel abroad this month to purchase the necessary equipment. 

In May last year, the ACC held meetings with high officials of law enforcement agencies. At these meetings, officials from RAB and police and the ACC agreed to work together on the “trap missions.”  



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