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Customs offices open today, tomorrow to help recover business losses

Update : 21 Jan 2016, 07:02 PM

Customs offices remain open across the country today and tomorrow to recover business losses incurred in the wake of sudden Technical glitch of Asycuda World System of National Board of Revenue (NBR).

Both the NBR and the central bank authorities yesterday issued two separate orders in this connection.

The country’s importers and exporters have already incurred a huge amount of economic losses in the last few days as the normal activities of the country’s customs houses were interrupted due to the technical error of Asycuda World System of the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

The export-import activities were being hampered since Monday last as the online speed of the Asycuda World server, a web-based system that connects all the customs offices’ and traders’ online, became enormously slow due to the technical error of the server, said NBR officials.

The technical glitch began as a power unit of a switch of the Asycuda World server located at NBR headquarters, caught fire on Sunday evening. The IT officials of the revenue authorities instantly replaced the unit but new switch could not help in enhancing the speed of the server.

However, the speed of the server started to perform slower and was taking unusual long time to upload the documents submitted by traders and their agents resulting delay in customs assessment and release of goods from ports. All the activities done by the system hampered due to the technical glitch since then.

The IT officials of NBR had earlier tried to solve the glitch but failed to solve the crisis, even they could not detect the main reason behind the slower speed of the server. Later on, a UNCTAD expert from Switzerland tried to detect the problems with the help of NBR experts, but again could not make any headway.

Under such a circumstance, an UNCTAD expert arrived in Dhaka yesterday to handle the problem. The technical glitch may be resolved within a day or two with help of the UNCTAD expert, hoped the NBR official. 

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