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Unauthorised battery-run vehicles flood Munshiganj town

Update : 30 Nov 2015, 07:50 PM

Hundreds of unauthorised battery-run three-wheelers, locally known as easy-bikes  have flooded  Munshiganj district town violating goverment rules.

According to the Motor Vehicles Ordinance 1983, no motor vehicle can run without six documents-registration, fitness certificate, tax token, route permit, insurance certificate and driving license while the easy-bikes have none of these.

The drivers of the bikes stop their vehicles in the middle of the street whimsically to drop passengers creating unnecessary jams.

It is alleged that police give the easy-bikers chances to ply their vehicles on the roads in exchange of money. Many have alleged that police are given Tk20-30 per easy-bike everyday.

The vehicles are not only illegal but also risky due to their shaky structure, said locals.

Driver Md Rajon said: “I have no license, but I have learnt how to operate  an the bike.

 “Police do not disturb me as I give them Tk20 per day,” he said.

Driver Nayan said: “Some union council  chairmen would give registration number to the easy-bikes taking Tk600. But those papers are invalid now.”

“Earlier, police would prevent us from running the vehicles on the town roads, but after we agreed to pay them Tk20 per vehicle daily they stopped interfering. And so, easy-bikes are plying the main roads of the district without any obstruction,” said another driver Russel.

However, Kamrul Beg said, traffic sergeant of the district, termed the allegation of taking bribes as baseless.

He said: “There are some 1000 easy-bikes in the town. Though the roads are narrow here, the  commuters like to ride the vehicle.”

According to BRTA sources, an easy-bike is run by five rechargeable batteries that need to be charged eight hours daily. With the amount of electricity needed for the purpose, some 34 energy bulbs of 23 watts each can be lit for eight hours,” he added.

Municipality Mayor AKM Iradat Manu said: “There are 1500 easy-bikes in Sadar upazila. We do not give registration to these vehicles.”

 “Some union council authories give them licence.As a result, the number of easy-bikes is increasing,” he also said.

“Many suggest to ban the easy-bikes. But, if we ban it, how the poor drivers will live with their family members,” the mayor added. 

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