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Potholes make journey on highways difficult

Update : 19 Sep 2015, 08:04 PM

Around 50 kilometers of the Dhaka-Khulna and Dhaka-Barisal highways in Faridpur pose serious risk for movement of vehicles and pedestrians due to develop cracks and potholes.

According to sources, although the Roads and Highways Department did repair works at the points spending Tk40 lakh in May this year, the two important roads, linking the capital with the southern-western part of the country, became unfit again for vehicular movement due to heavy rainfall in the last three months.

After visiting some areas, it was found that big potholes have developed on the highways from Rajbari intersection to Kamarkhali and Bhanga town to Boroitala at Gangabadi, Kanaipur Bazar, Parikkhitpur, Madhukhali Railgate, Bagat Bazar, Bahirdia and Basantapur.

As the roads are not fit for vehicular movement, vehicles, be they heavy or light, have to struggle to cross the points amid high risk of accident.

Sometimes, vehicles fall in danger after toppling over on the roads.

Sufferings of the residents in the areas know no bound due to the dilapidated condition of the roads.

In many areas like Joaria and Rathkhola potholes have turned into shallow pools due to stagnant water, creating hurdles for the vehicles to cross.

When contacted, Executive Engineer of Roads and Highways Department Jahangir Alam said repair works had been started in order to make the two highways fit for movement of the public.

“The problems will be solved before Eid-ul-Azha,” he said. 

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