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Govt to employ 19-point plan to control Eid traffic

Update : 06 Sep 2015, 08:26 PM

The government has made an elaborate plan to control the rush of highway traffic and avoid hazardous situations on Eid-ul-Azha holidays later this month.

The 19-point plan has already been sent to all the relevant departments and transport organisations, as well as law enforcement agencies.

“We have made 19 decisions to make travelling during the Eid holidays hassle-free for people,” said MAN Siddique, secretary at the Road Transport and Highways Division, yesterday.

“They are being implemented by local government institutions, several departments of the Road Transport and Bridges Ministry, law enforcement agencies and transport owners’ and workers’ associations. We sent a letter to them in this regard earlier today [yesterday].”

The division has also formed a special task force headed by Kaikobad Hossain, executive director of Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority.

The task force will be deployed on Dhaka streets to control traffic congestion, Siddique told the Dhaka Tribune.

“We will try our best to ensure smooth travelling ahead of Eid, but for that we need the cooperation of everyone involved,” said Kaikobad.

As per the 19-point plan, goods-carrying trucks and covered vans will not be allowed to run on the highways for three days before and after Eid, unless they are carrying medical supplies or cattle.

A dedicated team will work to stop faulty vehicles or vehicles with expired licences to ply the highways.

The local government authority will work to prevent set up of makeshift cattle market near the highways. Additional police will be deployed on the highways, at the bus stoppages and at roadside markets to prevent and control traffic gridlocks.

Like Eid-ul-Fitr, law enforcement agencies are not allowed to flag down any vehicle, especially buses, without concrete information of criminal activites from September 18 to September 30.

At RMG factories, holidays will start and end on different dates than the official Eid holidays to reduce passenger pressure.

Police have been instructed to show zero tolerance against extortion in the name of political parties on the highways. 

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