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Nonstop downpour floods low-lying areas

Update : 25 Jun 2015, 09:15 PM

Daily life of Chittagong city’s people were hampered badly and they suffered because of waterlogging and traffic congestion as many parts of the port city went under water due to non stop downpour yesterday.

During a visit to different parts of the city, the correspondent found that low-lying areas were submerged in knee-deep water.

The low-lying areas of the port city including Paschim Madarbari, Bakalia, Chawkbazar, Agrabad, Halishahar, Kapasgola, Chandgaon, Shulakbahar, Enayet Bazar, Boropol, Muradpur, Sholoshahar, Bahaddarhat and Probartak intersection, went under water due to the heavy rain causing misery to the people living in those areas.

Motor vehicles were hardly seen in those areas while rickshaws and vans were seen plying on the city roads, but they charged extra fare showing the rain as a cause.

Commuters had to suffer through filthy water from overflowing roadside drains to reach their destination.

Besides, continuous water logging from the early of rainy season developed giant potholes on most of the city roads. The city people alleged that the dilapidated city roads hamper smooth transportation.

Mohiuddin Mohi, a businessman of Khatungonj, said poor drainage system caused water logging which was now daily trouble for the area people resulting the shops and warehouses of the county’s biggest wholesale business hub are flooded regularly.

Agrabad area’s resident Sultana Yasmin said regular flood resulted skin and waterborne diseases to her family members.

Meanwhile, the district’s low lands of Hathazari, Chandanaish, Fatikchhari, Satkania and Banshkhali upazilas were also flooded due to the downpour.

According to Bangladesh Metrological Department,  Squally weather is unlikely over North Bay and adjoining coastal area of Bangladesh.

The maritime ports of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Mongla and Payra have been advised to keep hoisted local cautionary signal number three.

All fishing boats and trawlers over North Bay have been advised to remain close to the coast and proceed with caution till further notice.

Monsoon showers started on June 21 night till yesterday midday would be continue for next few days, said Meteorological Assistant Rezaul Karim of Met Office in Chittagong city’s Patenga; adding the met office recorded 112.20 millimetres of rainfall in last 24 hours till yesterday 3:00pm.

As there is possibility of hillside, district administration was campaigning over loudspeaker saying hill-side dwellers for going to safe place like nearby school building and cyclone centre.

Loading and uploading of the goods at Chittagong Port jetties were continued like others days while nonstop rain caused little disruption of port activities, said port sources.

Out of the city, Hathazari’s Dholoi, Mekhol, Mirzaur, Alampur; Fatikchhari’s Suabil, Bubirhat, Bhujpur, Kanchannagar; Satkania’s Sadaha, Keochia, Amilaish, Choroti; Chandanaish’s Dohazari, Boiltoli, Borkol and other low lying areas of the district went under water by tidal water.

Aus paddy growers are happy with the rain. But they are apprehending that if water are logged in paddy fields, saplings will rot within a few days.

Besides, some hatcheries of Banshkhali upazila’s low areas were flooded due to rising tidal water. The coastal area people are in fear of landslide and flood due to the heavy downpour.

The water level of Karnaphuli, Halda and Shonkho Rivers raised up due to nonstop shower which may cause permanent flood in the areas while the cultivations at the areas would be destroyed due to the flood, said local sources. The over-11-hour-long monsoon downpour paralysed normal life in Barisal city yesterday, disrupting river communication with different areas.

Barisal River Port authourity suspened operations of ML water transports (vessels less than 65-feet long) on the river routes from the port since Monday, informed Mustafizur Rahman, Barisal river port officer in-charge.

Medium to heavy rainfall started from Wednesday night and continued with breaks untill writing of this report yesterday noon.

After visiting the city areas it was found that most of the people were confined to their homes as transport became scarce. Makeshift shops, hawker markets remained closed in most parts and kitchen markets saw very few customers.

Canal encroachment, lack of proper drainage and sewerage system, and absence of city protection embankment aggravated the waterlogging situation, Barisal City Corporation Mayor Ahsan Habib Kamal explained.

Local met office recorded 208mm rainfall in 24 hours till 9am yesterday, said Abdul Quddus, senior observer of the office.

In Bandarban, two people went missing in the Matamuhuri River under Alikadam area due to heavy downpour, reports our correspondent. 

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