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President’s convoy causes huge traffic tailback

Update : 15 Jun 2015, 07:37 PM

The capital yesterday experienced an unprecedented traffic gridlock after President Abdul Hamid’s convoy drove through the main city thoroughfare.

Vehicles of all kinds were seen stuck in unending line at the heart of the capital city.

Sweating passengers expressed their disappointment over traffic management and the movement of very important persons ahead of Ramadan.

A private job holder who had to walk from Gulistan to Kataban retorted: “If the city collapses just due to movement of one important person the government should devise some other alternatives. It is simply unbearable.”

Raisal, a Dhaka University student, said it took him over three hours to reach Shahbagh from Kafrul’s Shewrapara area. “It was just awful.”

He said: “Now we can eat or drink at daytime but what will happen during the month of Ramadan?”

Another passenger Kader boiling with anger said the PM of the country is now abroad. If she too moved through the city today nobody could imagine what would really happen.

“What will happen to general people during the month of Ramadan?” he questioned.

Yet another passenger of a bus put the blame on the movement of the president saying that he had heard the city sank into traffic chaos due the movement of the president.

As the man was talking at the top of his voice another butted in expressing his fear that what might happen in the month of fasting with the VIP movement increasing.

When asked about traffic jam at the press conference in police headquarters yesterday Inspector General of Police AKM Shahidul Hoque pointed his finger at the DMP Boss Asaduzzaman Miah.

The DMP boss said as the president of the country Abdul Hamid was moving in a convoy the city experienced some traffic congestion.

He acknowledged the fact that they could not manage the traffic well yesterday. “But we are working on it and hope we can bring the situation under control during the Ramadan.”

About VIP movement and their taking of wrong side very often he said: “There is something which is out of our control.”

About the road digging and flyover construction work he said police had already sat with authorities concerned and they ensured police that they would look into the matter.

Earlier, DMP Deputy Commissioner of Traffic (West) Imtiaz Ahmed said one of the three major roads – Mogmabazar-Mohakhali road – is barely being used due to flyover construction work putting extra pressure on two other major roads.

If one of the two major roads is blocked it is then clearly perceivable the fate of the other twos, he observed. 

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