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Dumuria health complex staff face negligence accusation

Update : 23 May 2015, 07:51 PM

Patients seeking healthcare at the upazila health complex in Dumuria say they are largely deprived of proper diagnosis and treatment because of the indifference of the staff, including doctors, to duties.

The hospital has all the medical equipment required for diagnostic and treatment purposes but patients have accused doctors of forcing them to undergo tests at three diagnostic centres set up nearby.

Kafi Khan, who lives in Sahash village, the diagnostic centres have also employed their own staff to lure patients of the health complex to the private facilities. 

“Medical representatives are also a nuisance as they constantly harass patients at the hospital entrance when the latter come out after meeting doctors. They also talk to doctors, often at length, while patients impatiently wait outside,” he claimed.

Located in the district’s biggest upazila which is home to more than three lakh people, the health complex has 22 doctors, including a resident physician and a resident medical officer.

Kobad Sheikh of Thukra village said most of the doctors live in Khulna city and often come to the hospital late. “They also leave early, which means patients only get a few hours to meet them.”

Abdul Latif, a trader who lives in Dumuria Sadar upazila, said patients admitted to the health complex suffer sheer negligence on the part of staff.

“Much to their annoyance, patients who need to be given medicines or injections often wait for long but still the staff concerned do not show up.”

Latif claimed most of the staff are working at the same place for many years, which is a reason why they do not care to discharge their duties rightfully.

But the resident medical officer, Sheikh Yunus Ali, refused to comment on the allegations of patients.

He just said patients could be tested at the hospital in most of the cases which does not make it very necessary for them to seek medical care elsewhere.

The upazila health and family planning officer, Dr Shikder Akbar Ali, told the Dhaka Tribune the health complex boasts a range of healthcare facilities and patients are also treated well. He said the cost of medical tests is not very high either. 

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