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Bapa forms human chain demanding to stop all kinds of activities that destroy Sundarbans

  • Called to stop international conspiracy against Sundarbans
  • Called for proper implementation of laws related to conservation of forests, biodiversity
Update : 14 Feb 2024, 08:25 PM

Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (Bapa) organized a human chain to mark “Sundarbans Day 2024” at 11am on Wednesday in front of the National Museum, Shahbagh, Dhaka, demanding the cessation of all destructive activities against the Sundarbans.

The human chain event was chaired by Bapa President Prof Nur Mohammad Talukdar and conducted by Joint Secretary Humayun Kabir Sumon.

Bapa Prof Nur Mohammad Talukdar said: “Since the current government took office, numerous development projects have been initiated around the Sundarbans, causing more harm than good. The forests, biodiversity, and rivers of the Sundarbans are on the path to destruction, which is undesirable. There is an international conspiracy to destroy the Sundarbans and calls on the government to protect it.”

He also called on environmentalists and organizations to come forward in the movement to protect the country's environment.

“Sundarbans carry our national identity. It is the world's only mangrove forest and a World Heritage Site. The biodiversity of the Sundarbans survives due to tidal changes, and he called for a united movement by environmentalists to save it from destruction,” Bapa Vice President Prof M Shahidul Islam said.

Bapa General Secretary Alamgir Kabir mentioned that in a speech in 1973, Bangabandhu said Bangladesh would survive if the Sundarbans survived. However, he observed with concern that the Prime Minister's daughter is initiating development projects centred around the Sundarbans, risking its biodiversity. 

He expressed a desire not to see the Sundarbans destroyed for such projects.

”The government is launching one project after another to destroy the Sundarbans. I demanded the cancellation of all such suicidal projects centred around the Sundarbans,” Bapa Joint Secretary Mihir Biswas said.

Hasan Yusuf Khan, joint secretary of Bapa, called for the proper implementation of laws related to the conservation of forests and biodiversity.

Dr Halim Dad Khan, executive member of Bapa, said the government has not taken significant steps to save the Sundarbans; instead, various projects have been undertaken under the guise of development, harming it. He demanded the cessation of all projects centred around the Sundarbans to save it.

Bapa life member Nikhil Chandra Bhadra said that the Sundarbans, which protected the country from the devastating impacts of Aila and Sidr, are still undergoing destructive activities. He called for implementing the new Environment Minister's 100-day action plan and the cessation of all Sundarbans-centered projects, along with a demand to recognize February 14 as National Sundarbans Day officially.

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