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Farmers harvest Boro paddy in Bogra amid heatwave to avoid rain

  • New Boro paddy being sold at Tk1,000 to Tk1,100 each mound
  • Farmers are happy getting good price of paddy in advance
Update : 29 Apr 2024, 08:51 PM

Boro paddy on 700 hectares of land has been harvested in different areas of Sariakandi upazila of Bogra, ignoring the baking sun amid severe heatwave after receiving the instructions of the agriculture office.

Every household in the upazila is now busy with paddy thrashing.

Besides, farmers have a smile on their faces after getting a good price of paddy in advance.

A severe heatwave has been sweeping over Sariakandi like other places of the country for the past few days.

Ignoring this heatwave, farmers of this upazila have started cutting Boro paddy of early varieties.

Fearing storms and hailstorms, farmers are busy harvesting and thrashing Boro paddy in advance.

Matiar Rahman, a farmer of Sadar Union of the upazila, said that he had planted early varieties of Boro paddy on six bigha of the land of Dakuria River connected to the Jamuna river.

Due to the fear of hailstorms after the intense heat, paddy of two bighas of low-lying areas has been harvested already.

Sumon Mia, a paddy trader of the Phulbari union of the upazila, said that new Boro paddy has started coming up in different markets in the Sariakandi upazila. New Boro paddy is being sold at Tk1,000 to Tk1,100 each mound.

According to the sources of Sariakandi upazila office of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Boro paddy was cultivated on 14,550 hectares of land in the upazila last year. The yield was 56,308 metric tons of rice.

This year, the paddy was cultivated in 14,550 hectares of land against a target of 14,410 hectares of land.

So far 700 hectares of land have been harvested. This year, Boro paddy of Ufshi variety like BRRI paddy-28, 29, 58, 74, 81, 88, 89, 92, 100, 101, 102, Katari, Sulab, Lata etc has been cultivated in the upazila.

Besides, the variety of 1203, 1205, ACI, SL-8H, Hira-2, Hira-6, Partex-6, Tezgold, Three S, Chakka, SL-3H, Wing-302 etc hybrid varieties of Boro paddy are cultivated.

In addition, black and white boro paddies of the local varieties of char areas are nearing to completion of the harvest.

Sariakandi Upazila Agriculture Officer Abdul Halim said that considering the uncertain weather, the instructions have come to the farmers to harvest and collect the ripened paddy quickly.

As there is a forecast of inclement weather ahead, the farmers have been instructed to harvest 80% of paddy.

Besides, they have been instructed to work in the field when the temperature remains low rather than working in the boiling sun.

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