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Amin’s success in cultivating new cauliflower varieties

  • Two varieties of cauliflowers
  • Provides seedlings to farmers 
  • Health benefits of the new vegetables 
Update : 25 Jan 2024, 10:08 PM

Farmer Md Amin Uddin, 43, who regularly experiments with vegetables, has cultivated two new varieties of cauliflower. One of these cauliflowers is pink and the other is yellow and he succeeded on the first try.

According to the district agriculture office, there are two varieties of cauliflower, one is Valentena Pink and the other is Carotena Yellow. 

Four years ago, Amin Uddin, a farmer in Poltadanga village in Jessore Sadar, cultivated broccoli and put it on the shelves. He earns a substantial profit by cultivating these exceptional crops on just a few acres of land. 

Initially conducting experimental cultivation on his own, Amin not only succeeded but also started providing seeds or seedlings to fellow farmers in the vicinity, contributing to their self-reliance.

On a Wednesday afternoon in Poltadanga village, Amin's field showcased hundreds of colourful cauliflowers flourishing amidst green leaves. 

The majority of these cauliflowers were of the Valentena Pink variety, characterized by its pink hue. 

Additionally, more than 50 smaller-sized Carotena Yellow cauliflowers were observed, with Valentena already available in the market and Carotena set to be on sale the following week.

Amin Uddin primarily operates as a seller of vegetable seedlings, with his nursery located at Abdulpur intersection along the Jessore-Chaugacha road. The nursery produces a variety of seedlings, including eggplants, pepper, tomatoes, gourds, and coppice, which have been in high demand, fetching favourable prices in the current season.

Where did it come from?

Amin Uddin said that in the middle of last year, he brought Valentena Pink and Carotena Yellow cauliflower seeds from India. 

He said: “Each packet contains 500 pieces of seeds, the price of each packet being Tk1,100. I brought 5,000 seeds. I kept 2,000 Valentena and 400 Carotena seeds for myself and produced seedlings. I have given the rest of the seeds to the neighbouring farmers.”

How many days is the sale?

Amin Uddin said: "I sold each seedling of Valentena Pink and Carotena Yellow for Tk5. In general, care should be taken in the same way as it is for cauliflowers. Valentina's weight ranges from 2-2.5kg. They cost more than ordinary cauliflowers. When cauliflower is sold at Tk30 per kg in the market, I sold Valentena at Tk70. I am currently selling cauliflowers at Tk25 and Valentena at Tk40. Carotena is not yet commercially available. But two days ago, I saw it was being sold at the rate of Tk90 per kg at a market. It weighed 1,200kg. Cauliflower of this variety looks the most beautiful.”

Successfully cultivating new varieties of vegetables

The farmer said that by cultivating expensive vegetables on a small piece of land, he tries to make more profit at the same time. 

“I used to visit India occasionally to explore new varieties of vegetables, examining their production and market prices. During one such visit to Calcutta, I came across a fascinating fruit called sammam (a gray fruit resembling a watermelon). The ripe fruit has a papaya-like interior and is quite delicious. I decided to bring the seeds home, conducted experimental cultivation, and the results were impressive. I have now ventured into commercial cultivation due to the good yield.”

Amin further said: “On another occasion, I encountered a unique cucumber variety, much longer than regular cucumbers, about 2.5 times the usual size. Despite the astonishment of locals, I faced challenges as no one was willing to purchase these. Additionally, I experimented with new varieties of squash and capsicum. However, the capsicum yield was disappointing, with stunted growth and improper development. Although I sought advice from agriculture officials, I chose not to follow their recommendations and refrained from cultivating capsicum further.”

These cauliflowers are rich in carotene and iron

When asked about the cultivation of new varieties of the cauliflower, Jessore Sadar Upazila Agriculture Officer Hasan Ali said: “Valentena Pink and Carotena Yellow are two Indian varieties. Cauliflowers of these varieties have been cultivated on two hectares of land in Jessore Sadar. Nutrient-rich cabbage is rich in carotene and iron. Apart from this, the price of these vegetables is higher and the farmers can easily profit by cultivating them in a small area. We are giving the necessary advice to the farmers in cultivating other vegetables, including experimental ones.”

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