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Eid rush: Passengers satisfied over train services at Kamalapur station

  • Comparatively uncrowded 
  • People without tickets were being sent back
Update : 07 Apr 2024, 02:39 PM

The number of passengers at Kamalapur Railway Station increased on Sunday as holidaymakers travelling to their hometowns to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with their families. 

Despite that, the station was comparatively uncrowded than the previous years, and the majority of the passengers expressed satisfaction regarding the trail services. 

Passengers were allowed to get onto the main platform after their tickets were checked twice.

They were also only allowed inside the station after officials verified the ticket names matched their NIDs.

Meanwhile, those without tickets were seen being sent back. 

Most passengers had arrived at the platform before their scheduled departure time on Sunday. Since there were no crowds of ticketless passengers on the platform, passengers expressed no concerns about securing their seats. 

Some passengers expressed relief at the railway's management, saying that if such service is maintained regularly, the number of ticketless travelers will decrease, making journeys hassle-free and increasing everyone's interest in travelling by train.

Some passengers also said that while trains are departing with less delay than before, they hope that this issue, like that of ticketing, will also be resolved soon. 

The railway authorities reported that from 6am to 9am on Sunday, 14 trains departed from Kamalapur Railway Station to various destinations.

The railway authorities expect passenger pressure to increase on trains scheduled for Sunday evening. 

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