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Latif Siddiqui leaves House for 10 minutes over time allocation

'Allocating only 10 minutes for him was nothing but a mockery'

Update : 04 Mar 2024, 10:06 PM

Former Awami League Presidium Member and independent MP elected from Tangail Abdul Latif Siddiqui on Monday withdrew himself from parliamentary business for 10 minutes, saying that he was given less time for speaking on the thanksgiving motion on the president’s speech.

The former minister from Tangail-4 said allocating only 10 minutes for him was nothing but a mockery.

When Deputy Speaker Shamsul Haque Tuku presiding over the House mentioned Siddiqui’s name and said that 10 minutes were allocated for him.

“But I do not agree to participate in this farce, honourable Speaker! My mind is not accepting this. Therefore, I declare to abstain from the proceedings of this Parliament for 10 minutes that you have allocated to me.”

Latif Siddiqui immediately left his seat. He, however, participated in the House proceedings again after 10 minutes.

Earlier, Awami League's senior member of parliament Amir Hossain Amu was given 12 minutes for participating in the thanksgiving motion on the President’s speech. Later, Amu’s time was extended for several minutes.

Independent MP of Barishal-4, Pankaj Nath in his speech said: “The more we (independent MPs) will talk, the more effective the Parliament will be.”

He also said that a veteran politician and freedom fighter like Siddiqui should be given 15 minutes to talk.

Siddiqui was removed from Cabinet in 2014 for his controversial remarks on hajj and was also expelled from the party for life.

He was elected as MP as an independent candidate in the January 7 national election.

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