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DU prof sent on leave amidst sexual harassment allegations

  • Leave for three months 
  • Students demand prompt and proper investigation
Update : 12 Feb 2024, 11:27 PM

The Dhaka University (DU) administration has granted a three-month leave to Prof Nadir Junaid from the Mass Communication & Journalism department following allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Prof Dr Abul Mansur Ahmed, the department’s chairperson, confirmed that Prof Junaid has been sent on leave until May 12.

The decision comes in response to student protests demanding a thorough investigation into the allegations.

Students from the department expressed their concerns by hanging a padlock on the accused professor’s room and subsequently sealing off classrooms.

The protesters called for the termination of all academic activities involving Prof Junaid until the allegations were resolved.

Rafij Khan, a student from the department, said: “We asked for a prompt formation of the investigation committee, suspension of Nadir Junaid from all academic activity till the disposal of the allegation, and ensuring swift punishment of the guilty.”

The students met with the vice-chancellor, who assured them the allegations would be presented during the scheduled syndicate meeting on February 28 to initiate the investigation.

In response to the students’ demands, a procession barricaded the vice-chancellor’s residence, leading to the administration’s decision.

The registrar of DU sent a mail to Prof Junaid and the department’s chairperson saying that the matter will be discussed in the upcoming syndicate meeting later this month.

Left-leaning student organizations, including Chhatra Union, Biplobi Chhatra Moitri, and Chhatra Federation, organized demonstrations at the campus to show solidarity with the protesting students.

A torch procession and various forms of expression, such as graffiti and posters, have been witnessed across the campus, demanding a swift investigation and the resignation of the accused faculty member.

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