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Report: Bangladesh saw 7,902 road fatalities last year

  • 6,261 road accidents in 2023
  • 10,372 people injured
Update : 14 Jan 2024, 08:39 PM

Despite repeated decries, pledges, and calls to control road fatalities and amid measures to enhance road safety, the country witnessed 7,902 deaths from 6,261 road mishaps last year.

As many as 10,372 people were injured in the accidents, according to the latest research launched by the Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samity (BJKS).

BJKS Secretary General Mozammel Haque Chowdhury disclosed the findings at the Dhaka Reporters Unity in the capital on Sunday.

In 2022, at least 6,749 road accidents left 9,951 people dead and 12,356 others injured. This means the year-on-year number of road accidents, fatalities, and injuries dropped in 2023. But the figures still remain at an alarming level.

Reckless driving, risky overtaking, dilapidated roads, unfit vehicles, unskilled drivers, using mobile phones or headphones while driving, and a lack of awareness among road users were cited as the main reasons behind road crashes.

Bangladesh’s economy suffers heavily due to the annual road mishaps. The costs related to traffic crashes can be as high as 5.1% of the gross domestic product (GDP), the World Bank said in 2022.

Motorbikes behind most crashes

The mishaps involving motorbikes topped last year’s list with 2,031 accidents, accounting for the highest chunk (32.43%) of the total accidents.

At least 2,152 people were killed and 1,339 others were injured in the motorbike accidents. It translates into 27.23% and 12.9% of the overall deaths and injuries, respectively.

In 2023, no fewer than 512 people died and 475 others were injured in railway accidents.

On the river routes, 148 accidents killed 91 people and injured 152 others throughout the last year. At least 109 people went missing in the accidents.

Other than registered vehicles, the number of motorized small transports, especially motorbikes and easy-bikes, saw a fivefold rise in the last nine years.

416 students, 30 journos killed 

As many as 1,526 drivers, 647 women, 416 students, 466 children, 260 transport workers, 73 law enforcers, 77 political leaders and activists, 81 teachers, 22 physicians, 15 journalists, 13 freedom fighters, eight engineers, and seven lawyers are among the dead.

Additionally, 968 of the deceased were pedestrians.

A maximum of 52.83% of the accidents saw pedestrians being run over, followed by 20.5% of mishaps where head-on collisions took place.

Falling into ditches due to reckless driving led to the third-highest number of accidents (14.29%).

Moreover, in a worrying trend, 0.27% of the accidents occurred after scarves, mostly used by female passengers, tangled with the wheels of vehicles.

And 0.68% of the accidents were caused by the collision of trains and other vehicles on rail tracks.

In 2023, national highways saw the highest number of accidents (34.6%), while regional highways registered 28.41% of the crashes.

Moreover, 6.32% of the accidents took place in the capital and another 1.11% in Chittagong city. 

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