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Dhaka Tribune

25 Bangladeshi govt, private websites breached by Indian hackers

  • Info of significant entities compromised
  • Hackers asserted acquisition of 40,000 records
  • Cyber71 formulating counter-attack strategy
Update : 16 Aug 2023, 10:10 PM

A coordinated cyber attack conducted by a group of Indian hackers has resulted in data breaches across 25 public and private institutions within Bangladesh. 

Notably, sensitive information from entities such as the Investment Corporation of Bangladesh and the Directorate General of Health Services has been compromised, reports media.

In the lead-up to Tuesday, Bangladesh had received a substantial cyber threat, prompting widespread alerts and vigilance across the nation. Despite these precautions, numerous government and private entities fell victim to a series of cyberattacks, leading to significant data breaches.

Notably, the official website of the Investment Corporation of Bangladesh, which holds details of around 10,000 investors and investment applicants, was among those compromised.

Indian hackers have asserted their acquisition of approximately 40,000 records from the Bangladesh Bank, with additional leaked information originating from the land ministry's land tax portal.

Numerous other institutions have fallen victim to the cyber breach, encompassing various police units, ticketing platforms, and banking websites.

In response to this breach, the Bangladeshi cybersecurity organization, Cyber71, is formulating a counter-attack strategy against the assault on 17 government websites within the country. 

Cyber71 sources have indicated their intent to launch a retaliatory counter-attack, signalling their resolve to engage in an official cyber conflict if the adversaries persist in their actions.

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