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Report: 513 killed in 475 road accidents in June

This information was revealed in the monitoring report of the Road Accident Monitoring Cell of the Bangladesh Passengers' Welfare Association

Update : 17 Jul 2023, 04:00 PM

A total of 475 reported road accidents occurred in June 2023 in which 513 people were killed and 826 were injured.

This information was revealed in the monitoring report of the Road Accident Monitoring Cell of the Bangladesh Passengers' Welfare Association. 

This report was released to the media in a press release signed by the secretary general of the organization Mozammel Haque Chowdhury on Monday.

This report has been prepared by monitoring the news of road, rail and maritime accidents published in the national, regional and online newspapers of the country.

Alongside the road accidents, 41 accidents took place on the railways resulting in the deaths of 39 people while leaving six people injured.

Besides, 16 people were killed, 35 injured and two missing in 17 accidents on the waterway.

A total of 568 people was killed and 867 injured in 533 accidents on roads, railways and waterways. During this period, 160 motorcycle accidents occurred. 176 people were killed and 117 injured during the time which is 33.68% of the total accidents, 37.05% of the dead and 24.63% of the injured.

The report revealed that most road accidents occurred in Dhaka division in June in which 127 people were killed and 263 injured in 123 road accidents.

Barisal division has the least number of road accidents with 21 killed and 58 injured in 22 road accidents.

In the road accidents, 17 law enforcement personnel, 203 drivers, 105 pedestrians, 84 transport workers, 52 students, 10 teachers, 98 women, 47 children, two journalists, one doctor and 12 political party leaders were among those injured.

Among them, five army personnel, two policemen, 161 drivers of different transports, 87 pedestrians, 58 women, 40 children, 45 students, 44 transport workers, nine teachers, a doctor and nine political party leaders were killed.

At this time, 700 vehicles involved in road accidents were identified. It showed that 24% motorcycles, 28.71% trucks, pickup, covered vans and lorries, 12.42% buses, 15.57% battery-powered rickshaws and easy bikes, 4.85% CNG-powered auto-rickshaws, 7.71% Nasimon, Karimon, Mahindra, tractors and Laguna, 6.71% cars, jeeps and microbuses were involved in the road accidents.

Of the total accidents, 55.78% were from vehicle rollovers, 20.63% were head-on collisions, 14.52% were due to loss of control, 7.15% were due to miscellaneous reasons, 0.84% were due to wheel-rolling and 1.5% were trains-vehicle collision.

The analysis of the types of accidents shows that 33.26% of the total accidents occurred in this month on national highways, 32% on regional highways, and 29.47% on feeder roads.

Besides, 3.57% of the total accidents occurred in Dhaka city, 0.63% in Chittagong city and 1.5% in railway crossings.

Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samity made the observations that road accidents increased in June since the ban on the movement of trucks and covered vans on highways has been violated in the past three days before Eid, massive increase in motorcycles, battery-powered rickshaws and three-wheelers, driving the vehicle in the opposite direction, extortion on the road, transporting passengers in cargo vehicles, among others.

They provided recommendations to prevent such accidents which include taking initiatives to create skilled drivers, providing vehicle fitness through digital means, provision of separate lanes for slow and fast vehicles, stopping extortion on roads, fixing the salary and working hours of drivers, proper implementation of Road Transport Act, among others.

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