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10 years of Rana Plaza tragedy: Memories of victims live on

Families mourn as compensation, rehabilitation, and justice for the tragic loss of lives remain elusive

Update : 24 Apr 2023, 11:10 PM

Ten years on from the Rana Plaza tragedy, family members of victims and representatives of various organizations paid their respects by laying flowers at the memorial near the Savar bus stand on Monday.

Emotions ran high as injured workers and their families in tears remembered the victims of the tragic incident that killed over 1,136 people. 

Bangladesh Garment Workers Trade Union Centre (GWTUC), Bangladesh Garments and Industrial Workers Federation (BGIWF), Garments Sramik Front, Garments Sramik League and several other labour organizations paid their respects in memory of the deceased.

General Secretary of Garment Workers Trade Union Center of Bangladesh Joly Talukder said thousands of workers were killed in the collapse of Rana Plaza 10 years ago, yet compensation and rehabilitation for the families of the deceased workers and justice over the tragedy have not been delivered.

“The arrangement of a lifetime income equivalent compensation and rehabilitation for the affected workers at Rana Plaza, ensuring justice for all those responsible for the incident, reforming the country's labour laws to make them worker-friendly and providing free medical treatment and government allowances for injured workers in all industrial sectors are necessary,” he added. 

On Sunday, several injured workers from Rana Plaza staged a hunger strike for three days at the Central Shaheed Minar in Dhaka demanding the implementation of a four-point agenda.

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Their demands include provision of compensation and rehabilitation to the workers affected in the Rana Plaza tragedy equal to one lifetime's income; bringing to justice all those responsible for the Rana Plaza incident; reforming the country's labour laws and building worker-friendly laws; providing free treatment and government allowances to injured workers in all industrial sectors of the country.

Emdadul Islam, an injured worker of Rana Plaza on hunger strike, said: "Our workers were on hunger strike in Dhaka in the past as well. Even today (Sunday) we are observing a strike  in front of Rana Plaza. Due to the financial crisis we cannot afford to buy food and go to our hometowns to celebrate Eid. 

"Rana Plaza has brought our workers to this situation today. If we were healthy, we would have worked, celebrated Eid with our families. Now we are like mental patients. So we have gone for this hunger strike on a four-point demand," he added. 

On April 24, 2013, at least 1,136 RMG workers were killed when the Rana Plaza, a 10-storey building adjacent to the Savar bus stand, collapsed.

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