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Digital Inclusion Index: Bangladesh advances 4 steps in overall score

The index gave Bangladesh an overall score of 57 in 2020, compared to 53 in 2017

Update : 28 Feb 2021, 12:57 PM

Bangladesh has jumped four steps in overall score in a recently-published index that provides an overview of digital inclusiveness in countries across the globe.

The Digital Inclusion Index 2020, published by global consultancy Roland Berger earlier this month, measured and analyzed levels of digital inclusion among 82 emerging and developed countries.

The index gave Bangladesh an overall score of 57 in 2020, compared to 53 in 2017.

The global survey ranks nations based on their scores across four digital inclusion levers: accessibility, affordability, ability, and attitude.

For accessibility, which measures the availability of digital access to an individual, Bangladesh scored 52 in 2020, up from 48 in 2017.

The country also improved significantly in terms of affordability --which considers financial capability to pay for digital access-- in the latest index, scoring 56 in 2020 compared to 50 in 2017.

Bangladesh also advanced in the field of digital literacy regarding the use and knowledge of ICT as part of digital readiness, by scoring 59 in the latest index, compared to 54 in 2017.

However, Bangladesh’s score dipped in the attitude factor, which considers an individual’s trust and enthusiasm to harness digital tools, to 64 in 2020 compared to 69 in 2017.

Global rankings

Bangladesh’s ranking remained almost unchanged in the new index, just slipping one step to 52nd in 2020 from 53rd in 2017.

Singapore maintained its top spot for digital inclusiveness among 82 countries around the world for 2020, followed by Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and the United States.

Myanmar, a country that has been facing curbs on digital communication and internet blackouts following a recent military coup, earned the place to the top improver in 2020 in the index.

Other top improvers in the list include Vietnam, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Zambia, Pakistan, Cambodia, Canada, and Iran.

Brunei, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia slipped in their rankings in the new index.

Data was compiled for the index from sources such as government publications, global databases, and international surveys.

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