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News Analysis: Vaccine management so far so good

The good work must continue to ensure smooth services when the vaccination on a massive scale will begin

Update : 22 Feb 2021, 04:55 PM

Social distancing and wearing a mask are the only way to keep away from being infected with the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. But, to keep this deadly disease at bay permanently, there are no alternatives to vaccines. And, vaccines came into existence in record-breaking shortest time.

Invention of vaccines does not mean that every country, especially the least developed and developing ones, will get them, as the vaccine world is overwhelmingly dominated by the rich and powerful nations. Several days back, the United Nations secretary-general said that more than 130 out of 195 countries in the whole world had not received a SINGLE Covid-19 vaccine while only 10 nations had dispersed 75% of all the vaccines. The statement of the chief of the global body reflects sheer difficulty in acquiring vaccines by poorer countries.

Against the background of such a grim scenario, Bangladesh has done a kind of miracle by acquiring the vaccines early thanks to some forward looking prudent decisions by the government. Not only that, the authorities have managed to get the Oxford-developed vaccines that are currently arguably the most reliable and trustworthy, at least to the people of Bangladesh.

The country rolled out nationwide vaccination on February 7 in a limited manner. So far, more than 1.5% people in the country received the first shot of the vaccine. There have rarely been any instances of serious side effects. The administration of the vaccines was also widely admired although there have been some typical Bangladeshi allegations like favouritism, exertion of influence and breaking queues. Apart from these, the whole process is a smooth sailing till now.

While lauding the authorities for their good job, the authorities must be reminded that there was no room for complacency. At present, only a limited number of people are being vaccinated. Therefore, the pressure is low on the health system making it easier for the health professionals to coup. But, when the vaccination will begin on a massive scale, hopefully, in near future, the system will be all but certain to be tested.

In order to avoid any future mismanagement, the current good job should be considered a model and the authorities should plan accordingly.

The pandemic has already caused enormous socioeconomic damages to the country. The recovery from that depends to a great extent on the successful vaccination campaign.

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