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Dhaka Tribune

43,000 new Rohingya arrivals so far

Update : 05 Jan 2017, 01:53 AM
“The number can be more or less as people of the community are moving continuously, but the UN agencies and others international organisations working in Cox’s Bazar reported the tentative number of 43,000 in their latest periodical meeting coordinated by IOM being mandated by the Government of Bangladesh,” a senior IOM source told the Dhaka Tribune. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina last week approved a plan to take immediate diplomatic initiatives to repatriate the Rohingyas living in Cox’s Bazar, and to count the number of Rohingyas living in Bangladesh. The plan also includes taking initiatives to limit the movement of Rohingyas, according to some cabinet ministry reports seen by the Dhaka Tribune on condition of anonymity. The reports dated December 28, 2016 also put 43,000 as the approximate number of newly-arrived Rohingyas. The reports mentioned about some proposals including taking diplomatic initiatives as must. The proposals also include counting the actual number of Rohingyas in Bangladesh to ensure their repatriation, and limiting their movement to ensure law and security and reduce transmittable diseases which can raise the local people’s health risks. In another letter, it was found that Bangladesh government directed the Cox’s Bazar local administration of ministry of relief and disaster management to take initiatives to distribute relief among the refugees of the persecuted community who arrived after the recent crisis began in October. A number of organisations and persons want to provide humanitarian assistance to the Rohingyas. The letter also instructed local administration to verify and justify the organisations and persons wishing to provide assistance. A latest report of Cox’s Bazar district office also informs that since the crisis began, many Rohingyas have already entered Bangladesh and taken shelters in different areas of Cox’’s Bazar and other areas as well. Different types of problems like affect to social stability, deterioration of law and order, and health related hazards are being witnessed due to Rohingya influx. They are spreading to forests hills also in registered and unregistered camps, in lieu of staying at a single place, creating fear over deterioration of law and order. They might get involved in criminal activities, the report feared. Health related risk of local Bangladeshis is gradually increasing because of lack of health and sanitation facility, it further stated. So, a registration process has to be started to make their list to make easy to control their movement and ease their repatriation process, the report suggested.
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