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Dhaka Tribune

Muhith: Rohingya need to be put in a safe zone in Myanmar

Update : 05 Sep 2017, 01:25 AM
Finance Minister AMA Muhith has urged the international community to push Myanmar into creating a “safe zone” inside its territory for the Rohingya who are facing brutal persecution. “We are worried and angry about this crisis. I think this needs the international community’s urgent intervention,” he told reporters on Monday at his Secretariat office in Dhaka. He said the Myanmar government would not create such safe zone on its own and the UN would have to force them for the protection of the Rohingya Muslims. A UN peacekeeping force will have to guard that safe zone and also debar the “rogue Myanmar army” from coming anywhere near that place, Muhith said. [arve url="" /] “We are trying our best. But it is not fair that we take all the Rohingya in. Our country remembers the shelter we got in India [in 1971]. That is also why we cannot drive these homeless people away.” Calling the Myanmar government “rogue”, he said: “Action should be taken against it and the international community should take it, which of course Kofi Annan and others are trying to do.” Answering a question, he said Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali had been lobbying all over the world to gather international support for the Rohingya. “International community must rise to the occasion and provide for these refugees.” Talking about the violence carried out by Myanmar security forces since August, Muhith said: “It feels like they are a brutal nation, and what is more disappointing is that a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi) supports this. “However, we are seeking international cooperation to solve the crisis while doing our best to maintain a good relationship with Myanmar.”
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