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Dune 2 director grants dying fan’s last wish to see movie early

  • Fan’s privacy kept private
  • Villeneuve sent his laptop to the fan
Update : 05 Mar 2024, 05:29 PM

A Canadian man had a final request: to watch Dune: Part Two before he passed away. With the assistance of a charity and director Denis Villeneuve, his wish was fulfilled mere days before his passing.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Josée Gagnon, the founder of the charity who connected the dying man and the director, described the “race against time” to deliver the film to the man, whom she did not name to respect his family’s privacy.

Gagnon put out a request on Facebook, which Villeneuve saw shortly after.

Due to the man's frail condition, Gagnon said that flying him to Montreal or Los Angeles was not feasible, according to sources.

Instead, Villeneuve sent his laptop to the palliative care center in Quebec where the man was staying, and it reached him on January 16.

According to Gagnon, Villeneuve and his wife were moved by the man’s passion. “They told me, it is precisely for him that we make films,” she said.

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