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Vote count: Hillary 218, Trump 276

  • Published at 04:59 pm November 8th, 2016
  • Last updated at 04:38 pm November 9th, 2016
Vote count: Hillary 218, Trump 276
Donald Trump elected US president in stunning victory over Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump secures 270 votes needed to become the next president of the US, reports Guardian. 01:35pm (BST): Trump wins Wisconsin Untitled He is the first Republican candidate to do so here since 1984 4 mins ago 01:05pm (BST): Clinton wins Maine with 48% of the vote Maine * Maine splits electoral votes, Three out of four electoral votes go to Clinton. One vote goes to Trump. 12:42pm (BST): Trump wins Pennsylvania Pen He is the first Republican candidate to do so here since 1988. Clinton is now on 215, having won the following: Connecticut (7) Delaware (3) Illinois (20) Maryland (10) Massachusetts (11) New Jersey (14) New York (29) Rhode Island (4) Vermont (3) Washington, DC (3), New Mexico (5), Virginia (13), Colorado (9), California (55), Hawaii (4), Oregon (4), Washington (12), Nevada (6).US polls 26 Trump is ahead on 244 after winning: Alabama (9) Arkansas (6) Indiana (11) Kansas (6) Kentucky (8) Louisiana (8) Mississippi (6) Nebraska (5) North Dakota (3) Oklahoma (7) South Carolina (9) South Dakota (3) Tennessee (11) Texas (38) West Virginia (5) Wyoming (3), Montana (3), Missouri (10), Ohio (18), Florida (29), Idaho (4), North Carolina (15), Georgia (16), Utah  (6), Iowa (6). 11:24am (BST): Hillary wins in Nevada. US polls 25 11:03am (BST): Trump wins with 52.0% of the vote in Iowa. 10:55am (BST): Trump wins with 52.9% of the vote in Utah. US polls 27 10:34am (BST): Trump wins with 53.7% of the vote in Georgia. 10:30am (BST): Hillary narrowly clinches the state's 12 electoral votes in Washington. 10:12am (BST): Trump wins big with 51.2% of the vote in North Carolina. US polls 24 10:07am (BST): Hillary wins big with 68.4% of the vote in Oregon. 10:05am (BST): Hillary wins the state's 55 electoral votes in California and 4 in Hawaii. 10:02am (BST): Trump wins big with 81.3% of the vote in Idaho. 09:52am (BST): Trump wins with 49.2% of the vote in battleground Florida. US polls 22 09:45am (BST): Hillary wins with 48.6% of the vote in Colorado. US polls 21 09:41am (BST): Hillary wins narrowly with 48.2% of the vote in Virginia. US polls 20 09:36am (BST): Trump wins the first battleground state of the election, Ohio. US polls 19 09:27am (BST): Donald Trump wins in Missouri US polls 18 09:24am (BST): Hillary Clinton wins big with 50.6% of the vote in New Mexico US polls 17 09:06am (BST): Donald Trump has won Montana US polls 16 09:04am (BST): Trump wins big with 66.5% of the vote in Louisiana  US polls 14 09:00am (BST): Clinton wins big with 52.7% of the vote in Connecticut US polls 15 7:04am (BST) Trump wins in Oklahoma and Hillary wins Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and the District of Columbia. 0:7am (BST) Hillary Clinton took the state of Vermont and Donald Trump won the states of Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia - all Republican strongholds. ‘62% voters cast ballots before Sept’ CNN exit poll says 62% US voters made their choice in the presidential race before

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The Trumps cast ballot

Republican candidate Donald Trump cast his vote at the Midtown Manhattan precinct, along with his spouse Melania Trump. “Very good – everything’s very good,” Trump said. “It’s just very good, generally speaking,” he said after being asked about what his campaign has heard about the early returns from battleground states.

07:30pm BD time

Clinton casts her vote in New York

Hillary Clinton and husband Bill voted at a local elementary school near their home in Chappaqua, New York. The Democratic nominee told reporters the event was “humbling”. 06:30pm BD time

17 states in total now open and voting

Polls opened in Florida, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina and part of Tennessee 30 mins ago.

05:50pm BD time

East-Coast polling booths close and counting begins

All eyes will be on the key battleground state of Virginia (13 electoral votes), which voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 but was previously solid Republican. If Donald Trump is victorious here, or if it's a close win for Hillary Clinton, it could portend a very long, stressful night for the Democrats.

Georgia (16) is another one to watch. The state has voted Republican since 1996, but the party's margin of victory has eroded in recent elections. Also expect projections from Indiana (11), home to Trump running mate Mike Pence, Kentucky (8), South Carolina (9) and Vermont (3).

  02:00pm BD time

(Some) votes counted

Dixville Notch Hillary Clinton: 4 votes Donald Trump: 2 votes Gary Johnson: 1 vote Mitt Romney (write-in): 1 vote Millsfield Trump: 16 Clinton: 4 Bernie Sanders (write-in): 1 Hart’s Location Clinton: 17 Trump: 14 Johnson: 3 Sanders (write-in): 2 John Kasich/Sanders (write-in): 1