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Myanmar to take 2 months to scrutinize Rohingya repatriation form

  • Published at 06:11 pm January 18th, 2018
  • Last updated at 04:12 am January 19th, 2018
Myanmar to take 2 months to scrutinize Rohingya repatriation form
Bangladesh and Myanmar signed the Physical Arrangement Agreement on Tuesday (January 16) to repatriate the Rohingyas who have fled to Bangladesh. As per the agreement, each Rohingya family will have to fill up a form for the repatriation purpose which will later be sent to Myanmar. Under the agreement, the countries agreed to complete the repatriation of the displaced Rohingyas within two years. With signing of the agreement, all the legal procedures for the repatriation of the Rohingyas have been completed. The repatriation will be based on considering the family as a unit and the four-page form will contain the information of the entire family. Sources said if possible, the Myanmar authorities will complete the process of scrutinizing the forms within two months. The repatriation process will start four weeks after the Myanmar government completes scrutinizing the forms and informs Bangladesh about it. The first page of the form will contain name of the head of the family, sex, birth place, name of the parents, and spouse, date of birth, and address in Myanmar. Information regarding the addresses of the parents, and spouse of the head of the family will also be on the same page. Apart from this, the first page will have information about the head of the family’s profession, birth mark and holding card number (if any), number of family members. The form will also contain the picture of the head of the family and other members (optional), and fingerprints of all the family members above the age of five years. On the same form, the family members will have to provide their full name, name of the parents, date of birth, birth place, sex, and information about birthmarks and relation with the head of the family. They will also have to give information about holding card number (if any) and other documents (if any). If any family has adopted children, then they will have to mention that too in the form. According to the International Organization for Migration, some 655,000 Rohingyas entered Bangladesh fleeing the violence which erupted in Myanmar on August 25, 2017, taking the total number of refugees to at least 868,000. This article was first published on banglatribune.com