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Trump invited another pornstar to his room, bought silence of a third

Trump invited another pornstar to his room, bought silence of a third
Alana Evans, Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels Illustration by Dhaka Tribune, photos by IMDB and AFP

Earlier reports said a Trump lawyer paid an adult film actor $130,000 to stay quiet about an alleged sexual encounter

As reports of US President Donald Trump’s lawyer paying an adult film actor to remain quiet about an encounter surfaced on Friday, a follow-up report has emerged of a second pornstar being invited to his room and a third pornstar similarly paid for her silence.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen paid $130,000 to Stephanie Clifford, stage name Stormy Daniels, before the 2016 US elections.

The Daily Beast discovered that a second adult film actor, who goes by the name of Alana Evans, was invited up to Trump’s hotel room during the alleged encounter with Daniels back in 2006.

Alana told the Daily Beast that she declined the offer, which came from Daniels over a phone call.

Trump allegedly spoke into the phone “Oh come on Alana, let’s have some fun! Let’s have some fun! Come to the party, we’re waiting for you.”

She met Daniels afterwards, who said: “All I’m going to say is: I ended up with Donald in his hotel room. Picture him chasing me around his hotel room in his tighty-whities.’ I was like, ‘Oh I really didn’t need to hear that!’”

Daniels also told Alana that Trump had given her keys to a condo in Florida.

The alleged sexual encounter between Trump and Daniels took place immediately after Melania Trump gave birth to their son Barron.

The third pornstar involved in the latest scandal the US president has entangled himself in is Jessica Drake. Jessica briefly received attention from mainstream news media in 2016 when she stepped forward as the 11th woman to accuse Trump of sexual assault.

In July 2006, Jessica was working to promote works by porn production company Wicked Pictures at a celebrity golf tournament organized by Donald Trump in Nevada.

She said Trump invited her to walk along the golf course, and flirted with her during the walk and asked for her phone number. Later, Trump asked her to come up to his room. Jessica asked two of her friends, also adult film actors, to accompany her to allay her concerns. When the three went up to the room, Trump tightly hugged and kissed them and spoke to them for nearly an hour.

Afterwards, Jessica says, she received a phone call from Trump or someone on his behalf offering $10,000 to have sex with him.

Jessica Drake initially spoke of the events transpired, but has recently refused to disclose the matter, intimating that she’s subject to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

The White House rebuffed the initial reports surrounding Stormy Daniels, but has yet to issue any statements regarding the latest updates involving the two other adult film actors.

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