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New York’s New Year baby born to Bangladeshi couple

New York’s New Year baby born to Bangladeshi couple
Tania and Imran pose for the camera with Ariana, the first baby born in New York in 2018 NY Daily News

Ariana was born a minute past midnight to a Bangladeshi immigrant couple in a Queens hospital

The first baby born in the New Year in the city of New York is Ariana.

A minute past midnight at Flushing Hospital in Queens, Kazi Ariana Shirin was born to Tania Shirin and Imran Nazir, a Bangladeshi immigrant couple, reports New York Daily News.

The baby weighing 2.13kg was due on January 10, but doctors recommended C-section due to birth complications.

During childbirth, Tania was wracked with pain and had grown fearful of what may happen. She was afraid she would die during labour as doctors worked to ease the passage.

Imran has been living in the US since 2010. Tania arrived at the US from Bangladesh in April 2017.

Flushing Hospital holds the distinctive honour of being the hospital where the first New York babies from two consecutive years were born. Last year, Nathal Duque was born in the same hospital at 12:09am, according to NBC New York.

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